Organisations fail more often due to poor leadership than their products, sales and people. And leaders are too proud to own their mistakes. Using the 5 Why theory of finding the root cause mostly points at leaders.

Most common challenges in Leadership are the following

1.    Being too busy

2.     Failure to serve & hiding behind the title

3.     Not being hands on

4.      Fear of creating successors and effective leaders

5     Being a Manager than the Leader. They fail to understand the difference and just manage the tasks

6.      Lack of Emotional Intelligence leading to demotivated team

7.      Lack of knowledge on how to develop team

We Assess, Develop and Measure the gaps of your leaders

Our Leadership Development program works on the following areas

1.     Essentials of a Leader

2.      Emotional Intelligence

3.      Effective Communication to influence

4.      Understanding personalities to develop team

5.      Performance Management system from end to end

Based around the organizational values, vision, journey of the organization, challenges, goals and the culture. Women leaders need additional support and skills for a more challenging work life balance. In this program the Leadership assessment tools – 360, DISC profile and Emotional Intelligence profile are used. This is a holistic program and introduces the delegates to the knowledge, skills and attitude to be a successful leader to drive business and achieve results.

As a result of the Leadership Development Program, the delegates will be able to

1.      Understand the various aspects of Leadership role

2.     Types of Leadership and the difference between a leader and a manager

3.     Developing a high performing team aligned with organizational goals

4.      Learning the leadership skills and competencies

5.      Learning to become a coach and a mentor

6.     Identify key skills and techniques including: establishing trust, conflict resolution, influencing and motivating others

7.     Understand the touchpoints in Employee development and women empowerment

8.      Developing & implementing the Diversity & Inclusion program

9.      Developing Emotional Intelligence in leaders