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Leadership Development Program

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Sales Development Program

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Team Development Program

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Behaviorial Skills

Unique Program designed for You

The programs created for the Corporates are designed and customized to suit the needs of the organization be it a large, medium or a small enterprise. While developing the programs, we consider the industry, age of the business, stage of business cycle, challenges, the vision and future goal. Another important consideration is the culture of the organization, leaders’ & employees’ mindset to understand the openness towards learning and implementing. The 360 involvement of the organization before designing the program creates successful and transformational change.



An organization is shaped and created for success through effective leadership. It is important to have a unique ‘Leadership Development Program’ based around the organizational values, vision, journey of the organization, challenges, goals and the culture. A program deficit in any of these critical areas will lose its impact. LDP is important both for the existing leaders and the future leaders. When the organisations promote an employee in a leadership position without preparing him/her for the role, they may set him/her up for failure. Many a times we don’t use the assessment for the leaders before moving them into the position. This creates an incomplete understanding of the role due to lack of professional training. Women leaders need additional support and skills for a more challenging work life balance. Leaders need to support & develop women leadership and also learn the skills to manage and develop different generations. In this program the Leadership assessment tools – 360, DISC profile and Emotional Intelligence profile will be used. This is a holistic program and introduces the delegates to the knowledge, skills and attitude to be a successful leader to drive business and achieve results.

Businesses partner with NICHE CONSULTING for business transformation through enhancing business performance, talent development, conflict management, training people, personal and team coaching and have realized a positive impact on business results.

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As a result of the Leadership Development Program, the delegates will be able to

  • Understand the various aspects of Leadership role
  • Types of Leadership and the difference between a leader and a manager
  • Developing a high performing team aligned with organizational goals
  • Learning the leadership skills and competencies
  • Learning to become a coach and a mentor
  • Identify key skills and techniques including: establishing trust, conflict resolution, influencing and motivating others
  • Understand the touchpoints in Employee development and women empowerment
  • Developing & implementing the Diversity & Inclusion program
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence in leaders
  • Creating Self-awareness of leadership and its social impact
  • Be a leader to create an organization of preferred choice


The Sales professionals have the maximum pressure of not only to deliver on the tangible targets that need high agility, influencing and customer oriented skills but also to manage themselves by slowing down through the work life balance. Continuous pressure of maintaining and growing topline and bottomline in the business needs a mindset of being in self-control and not losing patience amidst changing scenarios external and internal. There is a higher need of resilience and emotional intelligence in Sales oriented jobs. The program takes a holistic view of the sales cycle and competencies and introduces the delegate to the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitude required to prepare and behave effectively and confidently in selling.

As a result of the Sales Development Program, the delegates will learn:

  • The Sales cycle, competencies and skills required for the various aspects of Sales profession
  • Developing resilience and Emotional Intelligence to be consistent with the customers
  • Never-give-up attitude and be creative in the most challenging market changes
  • Developing an attitude of ‘Delivering results is not a choice’
  • Managing time evaluating value of time in ROI
  • Managing time between front end and back end jobs using technology
  • Art and science of impact speaking
  • Understanding personality types to know the decision making strategy of customers
  • Right decision making model
  • Managing & creating a balance between customers’ expectations & realistic supply chain


Our team building events build relationships and team spirit for much better collective performance.

We work with you to create experiential programs and events that are fun filled and are focused on your development needs building trust, empowerment and collaboration.

As a result of the Team Development Program, the delegates will learn:

  • The personality profiles of self and others
  • Mindsets of the people through activity of ‘Step into other’s shoe’
  • Impact of lack of trust on team performance
  • Team Coaching & self-coaching model
  • ‘We’ and ‘Us’ mindset replacing ‘I’
  • Connecting cross functionally
  • Learning to manage emotions


People Management is the core of any organization. Every line manager has to be the People Manager. Human Resource professional has a dual role of not only talent acquisition, development and retention but also in creating the people development culture. Organisations that are driver through people development sustain themselves through tough market situations.

HR Essentials is a proven approach to HR management development that provides participants with a broad overview of the HR function and the key skills and creating the right mindset. The program focuses on role of HR in employee development through coaching the line managers, creating policies and systems, being a go to person for employees during organizational change. This programs is created around the Top Employer requirements.

As a result of the Team Development Program, the delegates will learn:

  • The touchpoints of HR professional for employee development, organizational development and support in leadership development
  • Creating policies and systems for HR to be in an automated mode
  • Creating performance culture in an organisation
  • Balancing between HR Administration, operations and People development
  • Creating competency framework
  • Produce positive impact on the overall performance of each delegate and the organization
Human Resources


Assessments of skills and competencies against the competency framework is the first step needed for objective and transparent assessment for the purpose of hiring, promotions and talent development. This is often the most neglected step in an organization but has tremendous weight in assessing the potential.

Assessment tests will achieve the following benefits

  • Building the right Assessment program for the new hires
  • Learn to analyse the assessment tools
  • Administer the Emotional Intelligence tool for leaders
  • 360 (EI & Awareness tool) feedback
  • DISC profile for assessment
  • Evaluate evidence assessment data to make assessment decisions.
  • Give effective performance feedback after an assessment


We create customised training programs tailored to your needs.

When we provide only the technical training without the behavioural skills, we have only 20-30% chance of the impact being real. The impact lies in how we orient ourselves to the outside world. The way we communicate, the resilience, presentation, connect with the customers, influencing and many other soft skills complements the technical skills and provides the foundation for the success.

We create customised training programs tailored to your needs.

The following Behavioral Skills courses are most popular programs amongst our clients.

  • Decision Making Skills
  • Art & Science of Impact Speaking
  • Effective Presentation
  • Assertiveness Skills at Work
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management

We focus on four areas in each training for experiential learning by the participant.

  • Brainstorm on THE CHALLENGES of the person and where they are coming from? It could be the external environment, rigid thinking, old practices that don’t work anymore. No one size fits all. Looking into the mirror is very important. It is only on understanding the specific challenges, the program is impactful.
  • Define and create THE RIGHT MINDSET AND POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY techniques for the people for delivering the skill? The rapport building, understanding personalities, learning styles are the prerequisites and create the foundation for any soft skill training.
  • Teaching the ART AND SCIENCE of the behavioural skill. Things not to do are as important as things to do. The structure of the tools to be used is very important for learning retention. A step by step approach creates the roadmap to reach the goal.
  • EXPERIENCE through games, role plays, presentations and videos creates the fun with the learning. Retention is higher when people actually do by themselves. This is embedded into the training and the participants always look forward to more of such events.